PRP Hair Treatment


Hair loss is a rising concern for every individual across all ages. Restoring healthy hair has been considered to be impossible. PRP Hair Treatment has broken the myths and facts about false ideas and hope. Enriching a dense hairline has fulfilled an everlasting wish and desire. With PRP, the scalp gets rejuvenated, and the birth of new hair is ensured. The cycle of hair growth differs from individual to individual.

Therefore, the occurrence of alopecia can be either identical or non-identical. The great news is that the prevailing baldness can be overcome with PRP Therapy, which is achieved by stimulating hair follicles. It is responsible for the nurturing of hair growth. The functioning of follicles tends to decline over a period of time. There are many reasons contributing to the advancement of Baldness. Stress, genes, and food habits are some of the factors that influence the severity of a Bald head. Both men and women are subjected to Hair Loss.

Rejuvenation of the Hair

Increasing the stimulation of hair follicles promotes dense hair growth. In PRP Treatment, the platelets are injected into the selected area of the scalp where the hair lining is very thin and where the baldness can be seen. The blood supply in the scalp is supercharged when PRP Therapy is done. And the procedure can ensure hair growth. The results can be observed over a prescribed number of sessions. It takes some time to attain complete growth.

This therapy enables normal hair growth patterns. The cycle of hair fall and regrowth is the same as before the therapy. The rejuvenated hair delivers the benefits of dense hair lining, and the recurrence of baldness depends on the health of the hair follicles and scalp.

PRP Treatment for Hair at Artes

Our Skin and Hair Clinic ensures safe and hygienic procedures, which allows us to win people’s hearts and minds. The medical devices that are preferred in PRP Hair Treatment are of the latest generation. We have a dedicated team of Dermatologists proficient in treating people with various hair concerns. Starting from diagnosis to medication, every step involved in the Hair Restoration procedure is tailored to the individual’s condition.

We are highly active in upgrading Hair Care technology and therapy due to the recent discoveries that have allowed us to stay ahead in the industry and provide top-notch PRP Therapy for Hair. Special care is taken to store every candidate’s plasma safely, which eliminates the chances of any errors in the treatment.

Ideal Candidate for PRP treatment

There are cases where PRP therapy becomes inefficient due to the prevailing health condition of the candidate. Selecting the right candidate to perform a treatment is essential, which aids in benefiting the candidate. Also, it improves the Hair Loss Treatment efficacy rate with increased patient satisfaction. Here are some of the instructions followed by our Hair Specialists at Artes to verify the candidate is eligible for the treatment.

  • Suitable for both men and women with hair loss and baldness
  • The candidate should possess a minimum of hair-thinning
  • Should have a good health condition
  • The secretion of hair follicles should be at the minimum required level.
  • Suitable for candidates experiencing an early stage of baldness.
  • Hair loss should be natural and not related to other health concerns.

What to Expect Before the PRP Hair Treatment

Drawing the candidate’s blood in the required quantity is the preliminary step involved in the procedure. The drawn blood is then centrifuged to process and collect the plasma. The centrifugation process is carried out at the defined speed, rotation, and time to partition the RBC and platelet-rich plasma. The collected plasma is examined to determine the required nutrients and components. This is significantly important as it influences the end result and efficacy of the PRP Hair Treatment.

Our Dermatologists have a discussion with the candidates and educate them with information about the Hair Fall Therapy procedure and its outcome. In addition, the overall health of the candidate is examined to know about other prevailing conditions. Our specialists recommend instructions to be followed, including discontinuing smoking and using other hair care products. PRP Hair Treatment is an outpatient procedure; hence, the individual can resume their routine as soon as the therapy finishes.

What to Expect During the PRP Hair Treatment

The targeted area of the head is numbed using the anesthetic gel, which aids in eliminating discomfort during the procedure. The collected plasma is injected into the selected portion of the scalp. Our Dermatologists pay special attention to performing the PRP Hair Treatment. The scalp condition varies from candidate to candidate. Improving hair density depends on the plasma injection. Our doctors follow the best-practiced procedures to ensure the targeted area of the scalp is fully performed. The PRP Therapy takes around an hour to perform.

What to Expect After the PRP Hair Treatment

Better hair restoration and growth are the expected outcomes of the treatment. Our specialists monitor the progress of hair growth. The time taken for complete nurturing varies, as does the number of sittings required. The PRP sessions cannot be determined at the very first stage. Typically, it requires a minimum of five to six sessions for a complete and healthy recovery. The candidates are recommended to avoid exposure to pollution, harsh rubbing of the scalp, and Hair Care products soon after the PRP procedure. It is quite important that the scalp not be disturbed for a few hours. The candidate can resume their routine with limited restrictions for the first few days and without any restrictions until the next sitting. Usually, an interval of several weeks is recommended between the PRP Hair Therapy sessions. The time period ensures the Hair Restoration level and the treatment efficacy. Also, it is not a one-time procedure. Hence, once the scalp loses its hair follicles, the chances of hair falling recur. It is much needed to undergo Hair Fall Treatment whenever the candidate experiences alopecia to maintain healthy hair for a long time.