HIFU is the latest skin treatment, revolutionizing cosmetic skin care to the core. This treatment has been highly welcomed by people who have skin concerns. As the year progresses, so does age. It is natural to observe the aging factor through the advancement of saggy skin. But, in some cases, it might be due to hormonal changes. In today’s world of cosmetic consciousness, people are moving forward to look young. Anti-Aging Skin Treatment is the best choice for them to get rid of looking old. The recent accreditation of HIFU as a skin treatment has drawn people’s attention. High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound has replaced the conventional facelift treatment. Most people choose HIFU over invasive surgical procedures because it benefits them with better outcomes.

How It Works

In this treatment, ultrasound is the technology incorporated to treat the saggy skin. Typically, HIFU is recommended as a therapy choice for rejuvenating the skin. The ultrasound is passed at the designated frequency onto the selected areas of the skin. The passing waves act as a medium for tightening the skin by heating up the saggy tissue. The patient comes into close contact with the ultrasound. Like other Dermatology Treatments, HIFU has certain restrictions. The benefit of undergoing this therapy can last from six months to one year. As we age, there are chances of contracting wrinkles and saggy skin. Hence, it is much needed to undergo HIFU Treatment again to minimize the aging factor.

High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) at Artes

Our Skin Clinic is equipped with cutting-edge infrastructure to provide non-surgical face-lifting treatment to people. Our Dermatologists have hands-on experience using the latest generation of HIFU equipment and have treated many people of different skin tones. We strive to provide the best, and we prove it every time. Our specialists diagnose the conditions carefully and ask the patient about the prevailing skin concerns and their expected aesthetic outcome. The saggy skin might be due to various reasons. Hence, the right treatment option has to be recommended to the patient, which leads to higher efficacy and greater benefit.

Idea Candidate for HIFU Non-Surgical Face Lifting Treatment

Being the right candidate is significantly important, as it determines the effectiveness of the therapy. To be an ideal candidate, our Dermatologists certifies the patient with certain conditions. We follow internationally renowned practices that allow us to help patients with recovery-driven treatment. Our Dermatologists ensure that the patient is suitable for the therapy with the set of conditions.

  • HIFU is suitable for youth and adults.
  • Majorly benefit people over the age of 30.
  • The intensity of saggy skin ranges from mild to moderate.
  • For people with an early stage of sagging.
  • Suitable for treating wrinkles and skin sagging due to aging

Conditions That Can Be Treated

There are skin concerns that can be treated with HIFU therapy. Since it is a non-invasive cosmetic procedure, it is effective for the following skin conditions:

  • Minimizing wrinkles
  • Skin tightening of the saggy skin present on the neck
  • Highly effective in lifting areas of the face such as eyebrows, eyelids, and cheeks.
  • Rejuvenating the skin jawline
  • Enhancing the skin texture

What to Expect Before the HIFU Therapy

Our Skin Specialists recommend basic instructions that are to be followed prior to undergoing therapy. Discontinuing the cosmetics at the time of therapy is strongly suggested to improve the therapy’s efficacy. The presence of foreign substances in the selected areas makes it unsuitable for undergoing therapy. At Artes, based on the diagnostic results, our Dermatologists plan the therapy. Also, the overall health status of the patient is determined, and the HIFU Therapy does not accelerate any form of side effects. The intake of medicine or such health concerns is checked prior to HIFU Therapy for Face to ensure the patient can undergo the treatment.

What to Expect During the HIFU Therapy

For a complete procedure to be performed, it takes around thirty minutes to one hour. The ultrasound waves are passed on to the selected skin areas. These waves produce heat, which tightens the skin. There are chances that the patient will experience discomfort or pain during the procedure. To make them feel comfortable throughout the procedure, the anesthesia gel is applied to the selected skin surface. Then, the skin is coated with the ultrasound gel to perform the HIFU therapy procedure. The waves are passed for a preset duration based on the skin concern that is to be tightened.

What to Expect After the HIFU Therapy

It is typical to experience a little discomfort after the therapy. It is an outpatient procedure, and therefore the patient can resume their routine immediately after the therapy. Unlike other procedures, the need for special care is eliminated. The patient can continue with cosmetics according to our Dermatologist’s instructions. The skin cannot be tightened at the first sitting. The number of HIFU Therapy sessions is determined based on the skin condition.

Typically, it takes around six sessions to complete the HIFU Face Lift Treatment. Within a few weeks, the pain experienced after the procedure reduces as time progresses. The expected outcome of the skin tightening can be observed soon after the treatment. HIFU has delivered proven results, and the efficacy of the therapy takes time. Commonly, it varies from individual to individual. The interval between the next phase of HIFU Therapy is finalized based on the recurring saggy skin. The treatment does not provide permanent results as an invasive procedure. The patient has to undergo therapy from time to time.


Our Dermatologists follow world-class procedures that allow our patients to avail of the benefit of Skin Tightening. The patient can observe the difference before and after the therapy. The progress of the month and the therapy session elevate the therapy benefits. The patient will get a younger look with an enriched cosmetic aesthetic. Compared to other treatments, HIFU benefits the patient as the therapy price is comparatively reasonable.

This treatment has a faster recovery rate and is less painful as no surgery is involved. There are a few risks involved in the procedure. There are chances to experience redness, swelling, and rashes after the therapy. If these signs last longer than usual, then it is recommended to consult our Dermatologist to treat the prevailing condition.