Microneedling is a face treatment that provides people with the most efficient results. It is a minimally invasive procedure that allows comparative healing of skin concerns in a few sittings. This therapy has fulfilled the expectation of rejuvenating the skin naturally without the intervention of growth factors or injections. Microneedling has been the go-to choice for people with skin concerns to get rid of wrinkles, aging, scars, and hyperpigmentation.

The procedure is popular in healthcare as it benefits people with significant results and very few side effects. The advancement of acne scars and pigmentation that are highly observed on the face compared to other skin areas When the concern is untreated, its prevalence damages its beauty and appeal. The Microneedling procedure aids people in retaining their beautiful skin from further damage.

How Microneedling Enriches Skin

The procedure involves the use of medical equipment, which is a tiny needle that can easily penetrate into the selected skin layer. Minute punctures are made to stimulate the production of collagen, which initiates the stages of self-healing. The inefficient segregation of collagen is the primary underlying reason for the growth of pigmentation. Also, it results in poor skin health. Microneedling Face Treatment has ensured great results and a faster recovery. The new cells and tissue repair the unhealthy skin areas, resulting in a better outcome. The cosmetic procedure has proven results, and the efficacy of the procedure depends on the individual’s health condition.

Microneedling Treatment at Artes

Our Skin Clinic is equipped with the latest technology and medical instruments to provide world-class face treatment. Our expert team of Dermatologists has vast experience in the skin care industry and treats people with various skin conditions and tones. At Artes, we follow international standard procedures from the start to the end of the journey. We pay special attention to maintaining the medical instruments that are used in the treatment. Our staff makes sure that the Microneedling tool is sterilized after treating the patient. With our extra care and persistent proven methods, we create a holistic clinical environment that makes people feel comfortable and experience the safest Face Treatment procedure.

Ideal Candidate for Microneedling Therapy

  • People with skin concerns such as wrinkles, aging, pigmentation, and acne scars
  • People who are interested in maintaining healthy skin
  • Skin aesthetic damage due to stretchy marks and enlarged pores
  • People have overall good health conditions and are free from other skin-associated diseases.
  • Poor skin health due to sun damage
  • People with acne, blood allergies, taking radiation treatment, skin sores, and psoriasis are highly recommended to share about their prevailing conditions with our Skin Specialists, which helps in determining whether the patient is suitable to take treatment.

What to Expect Before the Therapy

At Artes, we follow a set of preliminary procedures that involve the diagnosis of skin health to determine the health of the patient. The efficacy of treatment significantly depends on the results derived from the diagnosis. Our Dermatologists try to know completely about your health condition and medical history during the first phase of the therapy session. We recommend that the patient give clarity on the skin diseases and other allergies.

This helps in prescribing treatment to stabilize the condition prior to proceeding further with the Microneedling Treatment. Our Skin Specialists recommend the patient suspend the use of cosmetic and other Skin Care products a few days ahead of the therapy. If the patient is a smoker, then taking a break from smoking is strongly suggested.

What to Expect During the Therapy

It typically takes a treatment time of about thirty to forty-five minutes to perform the Microneedling. Our Dermatologists ensure the patient’s medical condition is stable and free from allergies with the aid of diagnostic results. During the procedure, the selected area of the skin that is to be treated is applied with anesthesia cream or gel to numb the area. This is done to make the patient feel comfortable throughout the Microneedling procedure. Experiencing discomfort in between the procedures might lead to inefficient therapy. To some extent, uncertainties such as bleeding might happen. Our Dermatologists monitor the patient’s condition on a timely basis to eliminate the chances of patient discomfort and other such events and improve the efficacy of the Microneedling Therapy. The selected skin area is micro-punctured. Based on the severity of the skin condition, the depth of the needle to be injected is determined. The collagen reaction in the punctured skin takes place.

What to Expect After the Therapy

It is common to experience skin irritation and redness after the Microneedling procedure. As the days progress, these signs start to stabilize. It is an outpatient procedure, and hence, the patient can return to their place quite soon after the therapy. There are no requirements for bed rest, and hence, the patient can resume their routine on the same day. As this therapy involves the creation of wounds to stimulate collagen, it is important to protect the skin from infection and pollution. Our Dermatologists prescribe medicines and Skin Care products that are to be followed to improve therapy efficacy. The minute wounds take some time to heal completely. It is significantly important to avoid using cosmetics until the wound is healed. It is challenging to determine the total number of sessions involved in Microneedling Therapy at the very beginning. It is due to the varying skin conditions, and the efficacy that is expected varies. At Artes, our Skin Specialists monitor the progress and conclude the required sessions. Also, the time interval between the next phase of treatment depends on the recurrence of skin concerns. Hence, it is not a one-time-performed treatment procedure.

Benefits of Microneedling Therapy

The expected outcome of skin rejuvenation can be observed after a few days of the final session of the therapy. The stimulation of collagen improves the skin texture and aesthetic outlook. The results last longer when the patient follows the Skin Care suggestions suggested by our dermatologists. The disappearance of scars, wrinkles, pigmentation, and pores can be observed. Since it is a minimally invasive procedure, the recovery time is quicker compared to other Dermatology Treatments. If the patient experiences skin swelling and continuous bleeding for more than a day, then it is highly recommended to consult our Dermatologists to diagnose and stabilize the condition.