Vampire Facial

Vampire Facial

The Vampire Facial is a skin rejuvenation treatment that is becoming highly popular in the industry. Skin damage is quite a concern as it affects the beauty and appeal of people. In other words, it indirectly seeds an inferiority complex in people’s hearts.

Skin Treatment has peeled off the worries through repair and rejuvenation of the affected skin. The advancements and discoveries in the field of skincare led to boundless benefits to opting for Vampire Facials. One of the greatest advantages is that the side effects and risks involved are comparatively lower. Vampire Facials are also known as PRP Treatments for the Skin.


It is the combination of Micro-needling and PRP Treatment procedures that uplifted the efficacy to much greater than the benefit that can be availed of the exclusively specialized therapy. In micro-needling, very minute punctures are made to initiate the self-healing process on the affected area of the skin. When the PRP is injected along with the procedures of microneedling, the healing process speeds up, and the expected outcome can be achieved with higher efficacy. Unlike other treatments, Vampire Facials have proven results that can be observed before and after the treatment is taken.

How it is done

The treatment is similar to the PRP procedure. The patient’s blood is withdrawn at the defined level, and it is centrifuged with the assistance of medical devices at the predefined rotational speed. The purpose of centrifugation is to separate the plasma and platelets from the blood. The derived plasma is then tested for its potential to enrich the vampire facial treatment. Depending on the patient’s preferences and the type of skin condition, the growth factors are added to the plasma. The area of the skin that is to be treated is numbed to make the patient feel comfortable and painless throughout the procedure. The injection of PRP accelerates the collagen process and, therefore, the healing process of the affected skin.

Vampire Facial Therapy at Artes

Artes Skin and Hair Clinic has an expert team of Dermatologists and cutting-edge equipment to provide world-class Vampire Facial Treatments. Our clinic has in-built facilities that allow us to reduce the patient’s unnecessary visits and travel. At Artes, every stage of the therapy is done within the clinic, starting from diagnosis to the final stage, which gives us the advantage in the industry to provide significantly relevant skin treatment. We pay special attention to choosing the best medication sourced and imported from internationally recognized branded vendors.

Conditions that can be treated with Vampire Facials

Wrinkles and saggy skin

Vampire Facials have been people’s primary treatment choice to get rid of wrinkles and saggy skin. The loss of collagen and its secretion promotes the growth of saggy skin. The intervention of Vampire Facials promotes collagen in the skin. As a result, the therapy aids in tightening saggy skin and wrinkles. There are conditions where people of a younger age experience saggy skin due to hormonal changes. This therapy is a safe procedure, as the patient’s own plasma is used to repair the skin. The treatment has eliminated concerns and second thoughts about the advancement of hormonal changes after the therapy.

Treats Scar

An acne scar is a skin condition that is visible to the naked eye. The spread of the scar is greatly observed on the face, and it destroys the beauty. The inefficient production of collagen might lead to the development of scars. Vitamin C deficiency can also be a factor that causes scars. When the deficiency is determined in the plasma, the addition of vitamin C growth factors to the PRP improves the efficacy of the Vampire Facial Treatment. The number of sessions planned for the complete cure of the Skin Treatment cannot be determined at the start of the treatment. Based on the progression, the therapy sessions are finalized.

Glowing Skin and Hyperpigmentation

After giving birth to a baby, hyperpigmentation is a condition that many young mothers experience. Vampire Facials are effective in rectifying hyperpigmentation to the highest level. Typically, unlike other therapies, complete rejuvenation of the skin takes more time. For women, glowing skin is considered to be extra beauty. People across different age groups prefer to enrich their glowing skin. The deficiency in vitamins and antioxidants reduces the glowing and silky nature of the skin. The infusion of vitamins into the derived PRP stabilizes the condition and increases the glowing skin tone.

Ideal Candidate for Vampire Facial Treatment

  • Maintaining a good health condition, free from other diseases, especially heart-related conditions.
  • People suffer from skin diseases such as acne scars, saggy skin, and wrinkles.
  • A non-smoker or to discontinue the habit of smoking for the specified time frame suggested by the Dermatologists prior to the treatment.
  • Suitable for all ages and genders.

Potential Risks

There are certain risks associated with the Vampire Facial Treatment. Yet, the possible risks can be prevented and treated by following the advice of Dermatologists. If the risks have been prevailing for a longer time than the specified duration, then it is recommended to consult the skin specialists for appropriate treatment to stabilize the condition. Scars, infection, and sensitivity to the sun are the most commonly expected risks of the therapy a patient can expect and experience.

How to prepare

Our Dermatologists recommend patients discontinue the use of cosmetics for a specified time prior to facial treatment. The use of facial products such as creams, moisturizers, and other forms must be discontinued to experience the higher efficacy of Vampire Facials.

What to expect

The Vampire Facial Treatment involves the procedure of micro-needling, which leads to redness, skin tightness, swelling, and a slight discomfort soon after the treatment is taken. Reduced skin scars, wrinkles, anti-aging, and glowing skin are the benefits that a patient can avail of from the therapy.

Interval Time of the Next Session

It is determined based on the efficacy of the treatment. There is no specified time frame set for the next sitting. Whenever the patient feels that their skin has started to set back to the previous skin condition, a therapy session is recommended. Also, the skin condition varies with the individual. Hence, the number of sessions varies in terms of determining the Vampire Facial efficacy. At Artes, our skin specialist recommends routine check-ups to determine the need for the next sitting.